All You Need to Know About YouWin Grant

You Win is an initiative of the FGN to help empower Nigerian young entrepreneurs who are below 45 years. Over 1,200 winners emerge after a rigorous process to get between 1million to 10million to start up or continue in their existing businesses or dreams. A lot of people apply for YouWin but could not make it to the finals for various reasons. To succeed in this venture you must do the following: 1. Be Original As regards using tools and software to write business plans, it’s ok but being original is safer. You could use borrowed concept and sub headings but simply make sure your work is original. If too many people appear to use the same software and have a business plan that looks the same in terms of structure, then its going to be very difficult for the human beings (not robots), that would review your work or submission. To succeed in future batches of YouWin program or other competirions, you must be original.

2. You become what you think. Believe that something good can come out of Nigeria. Chanel your energy to the need at hand…getting the grant. Stay positive about the whole thing. People are hardly ever prepared except when forced to or when they have little or no choice. “Be prepared” – it is a competition, so don’t expect perfection, go in there with a positive mindset, make friends, learn from others, capture the experience with your various tools, expect to win but if not, move on with your life. Enter the Youwin program with an achiever’s mindset and winning attitude! See yourself as the CEO of a multi billion Naira organisation and carry yourself that way. History has proven that failures usually create more successes. In 10 years time, people who did not qualify for the grant would go on to create better businesses. Do you know why this would likely happen? Failure is a process…… Are you a past applicant? Then you have an opportunity to guide someone to experience the success you are experiencing. You must employ the services of a professional to get your facts right with accurate statistics. You must have accurate knowledge of what you are applying for. As an existing business, you must get your papers and registration with the appropriate bodies, done.

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Sandra Chinedu

Chinedu Sandra is an Entrepreneur within the I.C.T space and loves blogging. She is on the Honour list of GEM, a World Bank Project for start-ups in Africa.

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