Chemical Business: Wonderful Opportunities that exists Chemical Business

With the industrial revolution upon us, a lot of individuals have taken up manufacturing of everyday consumables from the comfort of their home, some have even built a business around it. This is how much the chemical industry has expanded over the last couple of years. The dependence on imported products are fast wearing away because of this. Chemical business merchants are now receiving so much attention as many Small Scale industries have begun springing up from the production of various vital consumables from various chemical raw materials.

These consumables produced locally has emerged as a life saver for many households who may not have been able to afford the contemporary imported alternative.

Amongst the many Small and Medium scale industries springing up and some potential industries that would come from this area are:

Nail Polish Industry:

There is so much attention paid to women fashion and looking good. The fashion business is a very lucrative one and nail polish production is too. There’s so much demand for new colours and textures amongst nail polish users. This is one good production line to tow seeing as the needs would be endless and you can even create a brand out of this.

Scented candles production

Valentine’s Day may be done and over but scented candles are always going to be in the trend. A mixture of wax and sweet scent for aromatic therapy and such alike. This would reduce the need to import scented candles from overseas. And also establishing yourself as a brand here for this can of product would be amazing.

Liquid soap

Liquid soap is not a new market but it is a very lucrative one because everyone uses soap. Entering into this production line doesn’t take up so much capital and the profit is quite comfortable. To set up an advantaged position for yourself in this market, you will have to know how best to package your product and also make products that are skin sensitive.


Like liquid soap, detergent is an every person essential. It is always regularly in use and would require that the manufacturer pays attention to skin sensitivity and also scent.

Agro chemicals

Agriculture relies heavily on some important chemicals to aid plant production. Pesticides, fertilizers and the likes can be produced on a large scale to meet the continuous demand of the agriculture sector.

Ink production

Various inks for the cartridges and printers are being produced locally on various scales. This production has somewhat reduced the cost of printer inks from what they used to be.  However, to produce ink adequate knowledge of chemistry is necessary.

Special salts production

For aromatic therapies and spas, these salts which used to be imported can now be produced locally. The market for this is expanding daily as the benefits of using special salts for therapeutic health is now been popular.

Natural hair essentials

It is no longer news that the natural hair movement has taken over the African scene and with it came the need to source various hair products that would keep the hair in top shape. You can produce these easily, without so much capital. The market for this is large and continuously expanding.

Neem oil production

Neem oil is mainly an agriculture based product. Used as a natural pesticide, and fungicide.


These and many more are the type of industries the chemical business supports. Also you can choose not to start up any industry and be a distributor or marketer of the various raw material chemicals that would service the above industries and much more. To do this however, it would take up a lot of capital but it would pay off in the long run as more people, even graduates of chemistry are exploring what new product to manufacture that would ultimately stop importation of essential consumables by the populace.

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Chinedu Sandra is an Entrepreneur within the I.C.T space and loves blogging. She is on the Honour list of GEM, a World Bank Project for start-ups in Africa.

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