Focus on positivity

focus on positvity

Positivity is often associated with gratitude, and it gives a wider perspective on life, where you see a great possibility in life. A positive attitude is something that goes deeper and has an effect beyond surface smile. A negative attitude promotes fear, and a narrowing of focus and the mind, while positive attitudes does the opposite. No one should live in a constant state of “fight or flight”, but negative attitudes create exactly this scenario of living.

Having a true positive attitude makes your view of life seem broad and full of possibilities. This view leads to actually living your life in a way that makes it natural to be exposed to and acquire new skills.

So how do you get around with a positive attitude? How do you focus on positivity and build a positive attitude habit?

First and most important of all especially in the work place or business sphere, Surround yourself with positive people. It is often said that birds of a feather flock together. To get positivity to rub off on you, you have to associate yourself with the right crowd- the positive minded people.

Fill your mind and mouth with positive thoughts and words. Remembering that as a man thinketh so he is and out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

Always go over high points for the day, those moments that you did great or completed a task. Go over your feel good moment and think of how the somewhat moments could be a great moment. Always go over your day and seek to at least help someone every day. It has a way to put a new positive feel to your day.

Another way to focus on positivity every day is to have a personal mantra, a word or phrase or even sentence that you say to yourself at every point to  keep you stayed on your positive thoughts, you can try out with this “Every day is a good day for me and I do great today”.

Basically keeping a positive attitude is something that takes your personal effort to not be irrational but to think through before reacting to things.

Today is a great day, smash those goals.

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Sandra Chinedu

Chinedu Sandra is an Entrepreneur within the I.C.T space and loves blogging. She is on the Honour list of GEM, a World Bank Project for start-ups in Africa.

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