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Football business has taken a center stage and comes with high yielding potential for investors who may not mind trying out this venture. As a football fan you can make money out of your passion for football because Nigeria is a country where football viewing center business hold huge potential and high return on investment . Yes, Nigerians love soccer. This is seen in their support for European leagues where they take sides with clubs as Chelsea, Arsenal, ManCity and so many others. This takes them out to locate the nearest viewing centre where they can argue out their support for their clubs, hence the need for more viewing centres to take up the ever increasing fans. Football viewing centre business is very viable!


COST ANALYSIS: A viewing center of 500 sitting capacity Customers pay between N50 – N100 per match, Multiply that 500 by 50 0r 100; and you will have a whopping N25,000 – N50,000 per match (approx. $320)! This is a good small scale business! A well established football viewing business, can generate a monthly profit of at least N400,000 (approx. $3,000)? This is not an exaggeration! Here’s what Mr. Udeme, a young man residing in Akwaibom state who runs a football viewing center had to say about his business: “For Nigeria’s game, I made over N100,000 from tickets, food and drinks because people came with their friends, relatives and even children to watch the Super Eagles march at the Ibom stadium. This is a big boom for us. It might sound selfish but the truth is I pray this drop in crude price crisis continues so people can diversify.We make much from European Champions League and other various local leagues in Europe, especially the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga. I generate at least N40,000 from every EPL match.’’ That’s how lucrative this business is!

MATERIALS YOU NEED TO CREAT YOUR SERVICES: -Wooden benches to save start up costs. Plastic chairs maybe better but they are often damaged during celebration of match wins. -Well ventilated space or building with ceiling fan or Air conditioner depending on your pocket size. -Air freshener, to keep the room fresh -A standby generator or possibly an inverter in case of power outage so as to keep the TV running -Cable networks or DSTV dish with monthly subscription -Two big Television set with high resolution or projectors -Electric Bulbs to illuminate the hall. -Extension sockets. -A refrigerator in case you want to add an extra income stream through selling cold drinks. – Printed tickets or coupons to identify paying customers


SET-UP FOR BUSINESS… 1. Get an Ideal Location Get a location or building that has enough room for expansion with good ventilation. If you want to use an open space , you may need a carpenter to form a tent shed with tapeline or wood. Ensure that the structure is wide enough to contain a good number of people (100 – 200 sitting capacity) 2. Setting up seats On a low budget? Then get a carpenter to make wooden benches for you as it minimizes start up costs and can take up a lot more people. if you have more capital, you can go for simple plastic chairs as they are more comfortable. You must also ensure proper ventilation of building or viewing centre. Tips for Running a Viewing Center a. Get a display board like chalkboard or notice board and place outside your viewing centre to write out all upcoming matches. b. To make your viewing centre top-notch, you can employ people to sell small chops, recharge card vouchers, and cold drinks. Or better still you could set up a pepper soup joint beside your viewing centre. c. To stay at the top of your game, you may offer bonanzas or produce T-shirts or other gift items with the name of your viewing centres printed on it to attract more people. d. You must have good customer relations. Build relationship with your clients. Finally if you are currently unemployed, this is a sure bet for you. It doesn’t require much capital to start and it’s very easy to manage, so this a good start!


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  • Dear Sandra,

    Thank you so much for your brilliant initiative, i really appreciate as i am planing to put up one football soccer view centre in Oshogbo Osun State.

    Ones again, we appreciate you.

    Adewale James

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