2018 is the year for our global business take over, the year has kicked off quite nicely so far.

We know a lot of people are still looking for how and where to invest, lets help with your market research a bit. Getting ahead of the pack requires that you look for opportunities where others aren’t and planning for the big break while we wait. Hence, because we’ll love to see you do awesome stuff, here are some key areas to invest in and maximize opportunities from. If peradventure you are already in these line of business this a good one as more people would want to invest in your business this year.



Now dive in.


Agriculture is at the top of the ladder in the coming year as the 2018 budget of the Federal govt show that about N119 million will be allocated to this sector, this is so little compared to the ever growing population of Nigerians. Investing in agriculture can be done in various forms, agriculture is a large sector with so many sub sectors like farm produce processing, plantation farming, livestock production and processing (if you have ever wondered why we don’t have bacon and ham in Nigeria like in the abroad, this is a good investment to make). Organic fertilizer production, hide and skin manufacturing and export of farm produce are all among the various opportunities that lies in investing in agriculture in Nigeria. Everyone will be a benefactor when more people invest in agriculture.

To get you started we have some business plans for some agriculture business here


The recent black Friday statistics from Jumia is more reason to venture into the e-commerce business. Over 300 pack of spaghetti were sold, people are more comfortable buying products online now. There are so many things and so many mediums to sell product online. Our parent organization is currently involved in setting up individuals for the online market place. Inquiries can be made here.

Entertainment Recruiters

Entertainment is like food to our souls, music talents are coming up by their numbers as well as comedy acts and movie stars and guess what? They all need a talent manager, an agency or a Public Relations organization to handle their events, make them more popular and just generally nudge them in the right direction. This is a gold mine yet untapped. People behind the scene of these great talents are professionals who have an administrative/managerial flare or background and whose use of social media is excellent. If you are honest and credible? You are in for this business.


Safety first. This type of business has always been in existence and certainly it would always been, even though the police is doing a good enough job is ensure public safety, we can all agree that they aren’t sufficient. With people having various events at different times of the year and insecurity looming. It would be better to engage the services of a private security firm than waiting on the police or even paying huge amounts in ransom to kidnappers. Setting up a security firm is not so difficult, much talks would be on it subsequently.

Real estate

There is always going to be a need for houses, hotels, shopping malls and the likes, basically people would always need a place to go. Buying and selling or renting of available location is basically what real estate is all about. You just have to study the environment and how people are typically migrating from one place to another to stay ahead of this game. Also as an advantage you can make any location the star of the world by investing in building amazing facilities.


Uber and recently launched sure cab were not wrong when they put investments into transportation. Everyone wants a medium to go from one place to the other without stress, little wonder the Lagos state government is putting things in place to ease that stress for her people. You may not want to start off as big as Uber and the rest, a simple car-pooling within your vicinity is all you need to get started.

Haulage and logistics

This is one form of business that shows a keen potential, many individuals go to far lengths to purchase goods e.g. Lagos Balogun market and when it is time to send it to their location they face a major dilemma. Only a proper Haulage and logistics firm can solve this anomaly. And like every business, a little research would kick you off.

ICT services

Last and certain not the least is ICT, this sector is receiving massive investment by the seconds and this is because of the amazing things technology can do for you. Starting up an ICT firm requires a particular skill set, from technical know-how, to coding and programming and also presentation skills. This skill sets are not difficult to learn, they primarily require your commitment.

So there we have it Fam, let the businesses kick off and please stay honest and credible.


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Sandra Chinedu

Chinedu Sandra is an Entrepreneur within the I.C.T space and loves blogging. She is on the Honour list of GEM, a World Bank Project for start-ups in Africa.

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