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Journal writing for business might seem strange or even out of place, but it is an essential habit to build for top level management team of any organization.

Journaling helps you track your thoughts and keep you in focus of the important things you would have missed in the events of the day. It also helps with appointment scheduling and task assignments. Your mind has limits. It can only hold so many feelings and thoughts at one time — not all of them productive. When you journal, it’s an exercise in increasing your productivity: Your mind is released from the burden of the unnecessary and you are left with the space that will allow your worthwhile ideas and feelings to expand. This space could also be called clarity.

It’s but natural to get ideas all day long. Ideas can be distracting. Ideas can quickly become stagnant when they exist only in your mind or in a conversation with a friend. The act of taking a business idea and fleshing it out on paper not only makes it tangible and real, but it also allows for growth and expansion of that idea. Or perhaps, the realization that the idea isn’t worth your time at all.

Journaling can be creative. You can write just about anything in it, draw in it or simply make sketches of things or ideas that you would like to explore. Your journal helps you maintain an idea bank for possible business solutions or plans you might have. The process of thoroughly examining a business dream, and then identifying how and why that dream will fail, is an invaluable exercise — one that is often only achieved through journaling. Your plan might sound flawless when you talk to other excited friends or colleagues about it. Sometimes, the judgment-free space of a journal is the only place where we can be honest with ourselves and admit the flaws in a beloved business plan.

Often, you may find that you don’t have what to journal about but consistent practice makes a habit. If you have kept a journal for your business and have noted some ideas there, you can easily refer to it and eliminate bad ideas and hone the really great ideas.

When you are jammed for what to write take a few moments and examine the list below, you will surely get something to write about in your journal as it regards your business.

Here are some prompts to get you started in your journal writing:

  1. Hone your elevator pitch for one or more of your business ideas.
  2. Explore problems and potential solutions.
  3. Examine your favorite businesses and how you would improve upon them.
  4. Describe, in great detail, your ideal day as a business owner.
  5. Answer, honestly, the “why” of your business: Are you creating a business because you want to make more money? Solve a problem? Both? (This might become your mission statement someday.)
  6. Imagine your business has become successful and consider three ways you could expand once it is self-sustaining.

Consistent journaling can drive the entrepreneurial process, create new and productive business ideas and help entrepreneurs direct their energy. It’s a habit that anyone aspiring to own a business should take up.


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Sandra Chinedu

Chinedu Sandra is an Entrepreneur within the I.C.T space and loves blogging. She is on the Honour list of GEM, a World Bank Project for start-ups in Africa.

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