Livestock/Ranch Business plan

Livestock/Ranch Business plan








LOCATION:                         AFAHA IKOT OBIO ENO, IBONO



LOAN:                                       5,000,000



OWNER:                                   BERTILLA CHINEDU



Phone No.                                              09033666960




EQUITY:                                                N2,595,000


LOAN:                                                    N5,000,000



TOTAL                                                            N7,595,000





BETTY 4EVA FARMS aims to set up a modern fully equipped Ranch farm for keeping, raising, feeding, grazing and production of livestock with capacity to handle 12,000 livestock annually. BETTY 4EVA FARMS intend to build and manage an intensive ranch farm that will be able to raise different kinds of farm Animals in a large portion of land with modern facilities. Our ranch is design to accommodate Pen house, Abattoir, Chiller section and processing area. The designs, specifications, and schedule of quantities for an abattoir and meat market suitable for small communities in the South-south region of Nigeria. The farm will be located in a rural area of Akwaibom State.

BETTY 4EVA FARMS will deals on livestock such as Cattle farming, Goat farming, Pig farming, Grass cutter farming, poultry farming, Fish farming, etc, on the same portion of land with different sections for each livestock.  There shall be a section on the land for leasing to Herdsmen’s for safe keeping of their cattle and for grazing.

Provision is made in the basic design for slaughter of all species, viz. cattle, sheep, goats and pigs though because of space limitations, concurrent slaughter of different species is not possible. The abattoir capacity will be dependent on the mix of animals being slaughtered. It is a typical arrangement for a facility designed to handle beef, small ruminants and pigs with the main emphasis placed on small stock. A chiller unit shall be installed in the ranch for the preservation of slaughtered meat.

Despite the fact that livestock farming business has been in existence since time immemorial, that does not in any way make the industry to be over saturated. The fact that there is always a ready market for meat makes the business ever green.

There is no single livestock farming company that has dominate market share in the industry; hence livestock rearing businesses can successfully make profit. Our livestock rearing business is all about mass-breeding of Cow, Goat, Grass cutter, Poultry, Fish, etc. for the sole aim of making profit.

South Base Ranch will create Jobs for the Youths in such areas as: Supply of animal feed and Farm workers, Milk and Cheese Processing, Modern Butchery and Sanitary and Veterinary workers, Banking, Financing and Distributorship of Farm products, Packaging, Labelling and Marketing of Farm products, Jobs will reduce migration to the Cities and will also reduce incessant Farmers/ Herdsmen clash.

Our Product and services

BETTY 4EVA FARMS is a standard livestock farming company that is committed to raising livestock animals for both local market and the global market. We are in the livestock business to make profits and we are going to do all we can to achieve our business goals, aim and objectives.

These are the areas we will concentrate on in our livestock farming business;

  • Raising and harvesting Cattle
  • Raising and harvesting Goat
  • Raising and harvesting Grass cutter
  • Raising and harvesting Pig
  • Raising and harvesting poultry
  • Raising and harvesting Fish
  • Boarding services
  • Build and manage slaughter house
  • Breeding of all livestock
  • Leasing of ranch to herdsmen
  • Processing and packaging of finished meat product.

To get the complete/comprehensive business plan,

Pay N10,000 to Time-Wise Technology Enterprise, First Bank-2033261630

Send us your email, name and topic of choice to 07037836887.

Upon confirmation of your payment you will get the material immediately.

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