Nylon production business plan

Nylon production business plan


Executive Summary

ABC LIMITED is a nylon production business that is not only fully registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) but licensed here in Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. We have fulfilled all the necessary requirements from the state and local governments here in Uyo.

Our location here in Akwa Ibom is central and strategic and we intend to produce nylons of various sizes, styles and types; produce customized nylon bags, offer training as well as consultancy and advisory services in our aim to generate as much income as we can to boost our bottom line and sustain our business.

We know how important our customers are to us and so we intend to offer customer-eccentric services to all our various customers, so that we can grab a large share of the market and effectively compete against our competitors. We will ensure that we are attentive to the wants and needs of our customers. We also intend to reward all our loyal customers every once in a while especially those that help refer us to others.

Our vision is to ensure that we produce quality nylons for all our customers here in Akwa Ibom state and the entire Nigeria as well. We hope to become one of the foremost nylon producers not only in Akwa Ibom State but in the of whole Nigeria and to ensure that we are able to achieve this, we intend to build a solid business structure by hiring only competent, capable and experienced employees to help handle our business.

Our employees not only come with the needed experience and competence, they are also very well paid, better than what start-ups such as ours are paying their employees. Also, our facility is one that is not only easily accessible to all our employees but also very conducive for them as well.

Finally, our Chief Executive Officer, Miss. Olive is one who has the experience as well as managerial and technical knowledge about this business. Ms Olive owns and runs the business and has a B.Sc. in Production Technology from University of Akwa Ibom and a Post Graduate Management (PGD) degree in the same University of Akwa Ibom. Her over 10 years experience will be highly beneficial to us as a business.



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  • Does it now mean that once you pay for the materials and do not need physical training to learn the nylon

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