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Social media is fast becoming the go-to platform to advertise your business and what you do. Various businesses have built themselves on the social network platform. From advertising to purchasing and even payments can now be done via social media, the right use of social media to business is gradually unfolding.

This is one big change that has occurred in the conventional business sphere. The integrity of business is now seen in how you interact with your potential and already clients. The number of Twitter or Instagram followers shows to an extent your capacity as a business establishment. This little details that would not have counted much previously are now elements by which your business is perceived.

Interaction builds businesses.

What is your business belief?

This simple question must be answered throughout your interaction as a business with your clients online and offline. This informs how you place people strategically to handle your social media interaction. Service delivery and customer service are the fruits of social media on business because they are the first impression of your business on a client.

Businesses who use social media for advert placement will not be hidden, that is almost the guarantee social media gives. Advertising on social media is technically not as expensive as advertising on other alternate media. And they can be directed to the specific audience.
There are various ways to employ social media to your business asides from advertising and marketing which has been the mainstay use. Social media can be employed to getting the right kind of employee suitable for your business by looking up their social media activities. Also, social media can be used to get real-time audit report for your business especially if it is predominantly an online business.
Building partnerships across borders can be done simply by liaising with other businesses via social media.

To employ social media to your business, you must first understand how social platforms work and how they can benefit your business also. If your business is mainly a consulting-based business, you should understand that Twitter is likely your best bet on it, Twitter allows for more engaging interactions. Then if you are a photography or events business, Facebook and Instagram are your best bet to get more people to appreciate your work and also to showcase what you do as they are a more for image sharing and storytelling.

Money is the lifeblood of any establishment, and various ICT firms have developed incredible bots and apps to facilitate payment via social media. Banks have jumped on this and have introduced mobile banking to meet up with the growing social media age.

A quick study on social media integration with conventional business systems have shown that most significant business growth in the last 10years has been due to social media influence. We can only think of the incredible things that would happen with the growth of social media, the effect it would have on business and the changes many businesses would undergo to meet up with the changing trend.


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Chinedu Sandra is an Entrepreneur within the I.C.T space and loves blogging. She is on the Honour list of GEM, a World Bank Project for start-ups in Africa.

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