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Marketing is a crucial method to get the word out about your business or enterprise. Many individuals are often confused on what channel of marketing to undertake especially in this era of new media. Digital Marketing is the new kid on the block for businesses and enterprises. It is very easy to undertake however it is often seen as a complex form of marketing because of its various platforms on which it operates. Digital marketing works by targeting. Targeting a particular customer niche or base on the internet who would need your product or service.

Digital Marketing requires tact and a little bit of creativity. First, you must know your customer, because digital marketing is targeted at a particular customer base, it is imperative that you know your customer. Your customer is first an idea, so arguably there are some questions you need to ask before you can get a realistic customer for your business or product.

Is your customer a male or female? Are they likely to search for your product online or offline maybe? Are they likely to buy your product or pay for your service at the price you are placing on it? These are few of the questions you will ask before putting that ad up online.After answering these questions, you will then know what customer you are likely going to target and where to target them on.

You can choose to go with a Pay per Click (PPC) for ease of tracking and monitoring. You should also note that your adverts should be placed in locations your customers will easily see it and take note of.

Conversion rates are an important measuring tool. What you need to do is determine what exactly you want to measure for your marketing campaign. What will you measure as a successful marketing? An increase in site visitors? Sale of your e-book? Or more subscribers?
Measuring conversion rate can come in any of these achievements.

A conversion rate is the number of click-throughs it takes to achieve your target measurement. So if your page has 1000 hits, 14 clicks and one sale in a day, your conversion rate is 1:14 or 7.1%. In other words, 7.1% of the clicks are generating a sale during this period.

A close monitoring of your conversion rates will quickly tell you what is working and what is not. Don’t hesitate to modify your ads if needed. This process is in constant motion until you find the best fit. Remember too, an ad may work superbly in one place but not in another.

Always have a budget for your ads and endeavor to choose platforms that allow you set daily limits for your ad campaign so you get to monitor what you spend.

Create the right content for your ad. Write a short description of what your ad is about and put up a following picture or video that shows what you do. This description should place a focus on the customer, an emotive form of the description will do. In business, we often don’t sell a product but an experience. So if your business is about perfumes, you are selling a presence or confidence and if it is about makeup, you are selling beauty.

Regularly check and review the results on your various ads to know how they perform. Over time you will notice a pattern that should further guide your advertisements online.

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