Sisi Yemmie- How i made my first million as a blogger

Everyone who loves food know Sisi Yemmie. Her beautifully arranged plates of deliciously looking food makes many mouths water especially in the online community, thankfully she has a Youtube channel to share some of her recipes and lifestyle nuggets. Sisi Yemmie is not the average gossip or lifestyle blogger, she is one in a unique class. caught up with her and we are here to share the story.

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These are our favourite parts of the interview:

What parts of blogging do you find most interesting?

It has to be everything really, but something that keeps my blood pumping is creating content! Whenever I get my idea (and my ideas jump at me anywhere) I get very excited and start scribbling a note on my phone as a reminder of the idea I just had. Content creation is fun. I also enjoy the process of everything coming together: for example, after filming a recipe I have to take great photos and when everything turns out right, I am very very happy! It excites me!

What are your top blogging secrets and reasons why you have been successful as a blogger?

I have been very hard working, consistent and God has been gracious to me. I count it all as favour-because these ideas come from God. You can work hard and get no recognition or reward for it and there are some people that achieve a lot with minimal effort, it cannot be explained.

What are your thoughts on young Nigerian bloggers?

They are doing amazing things and I’m so happy to see the fashion and lifestyle bloggers coming up.  It makes me proud.

What is your message to Africa’s aspiring bloggers and online entrepreneurs?

Keep doing your best, remember content is king and strategy is key! Everything good will come.




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Sandra Chinedu

Chinedu Sandra is an Entrepreneur within the I.C.T space and loves blogging. She is on the Honour list of GEM, a World Bank Project for start-ups in Africa.


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