How to start an Instagram business from your phone.

Instagram business

Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. Popular for image its sharing and videos features, can also be used as a business place. Many individuals have turned this platform into a money making avenue. We are going to be sharing basic tips on how to start a business and manage it on Instagram.
One key plus to anyone willing to start an Instagram business is to have followership, build your followers. A hint to building your followers is to reveal yourself. People will only associate with a real person, someone that is not so “high” that they cannot relate to. In a nut shell put yourself in the spot light. Growing followership means staying relevant.
What business can you run via Instagram?
There are several businesses that you can run on Instagram from your phone. Below are a few businesses and how to manage their growth on Instagram.
Influencer Marketing
This type of business demands that you promote certain brands, products or even Instagram accounts on your page. These brands or products would pay to have you place an advert or even make a shout out to them for a certain number of hours, after which you can take it down. To grow this type of business, you will need to also grow your followership and relevance.
Online Store
When setting up your Instagram account, you are given 150 characters to talk about yourself it is called your “bio”. In there you can also put in your link to your online store with a call to action button so people can just automatically go to your store from Instagram.
Instagram Manager
This job is pretty much just like managing your own Instagram page but this time for someone else. To either promote a business or grow followership for a brand or business. Wit and research are required here.
Photography thrives on Instagram. Having that eye for detail and that enormous portfolio of images? Take advantage of Instagram to make you known and also get you more customers or viewership. To manage growth, you will need to always tag others to your images who may not necessarily be those in the image but people that you’ll want to see it like Influencers eg Farable. Also use your bio to display your contacts or business location. An important hint? Use hashtags a lot.
Instagram Influencer
What will social media be without Influencers? Being an Influencer requires you having a niche where you post relevant things. Influencers are paid to boost a message about a particular event in a particular niche.
Food/Fashion and lifestyle Blogger
Just your camera and relevant text post attached to the images and Voila! You are a blogger on Instagram. This is actual what everyone is but the difference is that you can be paid to eat at a particular restaurant and post about it. How cool is that?
Product Reviewer
Instagram has a large population of people who go there to find out about products like gadgets and household equipment because there would be a live view of it being in use. Product manufacturer have leveraged on this and are willing to pay people to try out their product.

So pick a niche, grow your followers and make money on Instagram.

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Chinedu Sandra is an Entrepreneur within the I.C.T space and loves blogging. She is on the Honour list of GEM, a World Bank Project for start-ups in Africa.

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