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Thank God it is Friday (TGIF)!

Someone rightly mentioned that Friday is the only day we thank God for. Do you notice that you spend more during the weekend than any other day? And certain individuals make more money on the weekend than any other day?

How would you like to earn more cash on the weekend?  A few business ideas for you thought?

Online cab service agent:  A lot of people move around during the weekend than any other day. To ease transportation around town there are various online cab service companies you can register with. You will receive great commissions on every trip. The fun part of this weekend hustle is that you get to drive to the fun parts of town and who knows pick up your next investor.

Food vendor:  Food is everybody’s delight at an occasion and it is never enough. Get gigs to cook for functions and parties will surely put give you cash for your stress. The pros of this gig are that you get to satisfy the hunger of people and build a portfolio for yourself. The cons? Well, cooking is hard work. If you can’t stand the heat, don’t do this at all.

Mixologist: Drinks and more drinks get consumed during the weekend. Offering your service during the weekend at your favorite bar to mix drinks for clients would get you that extra cash during the weekend. A Mixologist is a perfect combination of knowledge of drinks and the science. Being a Mixologist is fun especially for the weekend. The pros of this gig are you get to build a brand around your drinks and can meet the right investors. The cons, your weekend will not see you sleeping.

Small Chops: Small chops are now the most sought out things when there’s a function of a type. You can deliver these during events for the weekend. This gig is guaranteed to build your reputation, brand, and portfolio if you are skilled in this sector. The pros outweigh the cons for this gig.

Sports viewing Center:  Not all sport viewing centers must be public. You can start out in your house if it is spacious enough and charge a fee for other side features. This is a fun way of enjoying your weekend of sport and getting to meet more people. How cool can the weekend be?

Hairdresser: Ladies and gents, during the week there’s no time to do some hair grooming and during the weekend, almost everybody wants to do their hair too. If you are good at hair grooming, you can do this during the weekend. This will surely build you a reputation and brand name shortly.

Weekend writer: Because some people take their weekend solemnly and would want to engage in some reading. You can write for blogs or even have your own. Where you only write during the weekend. The pros and cons of this gig are dependent on you and your skill.


This list is not exhaustive, so you can explore other options and tell us about them too.

So cheers to the weekend, let us know if you made any money this weekend. We are rooting for you.


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Sandra Chinedu

Chinedu Sandra is an Entrepreneur within the I.C.T space and loves blogging. She is on the Honour list of GEM, a World Bank Project for start-ups in Africa.

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