What works?

What works? Often times as a young or old business starter you are faced with the question of what works and what doesn’t. As you get by you will begin to try out different methods so you can state what works and doesn’t. So what is the essence of this post? While we are trying to figure out what works and doesn’t, we run into a lot of down moments that often only takes sheer passion and resilience to keep us on the path we have chosen.

Experience is the best teacher. You must not experience everything first hand before you learn though. This is where mentoring comes in and adequate in-depth research. As a new business starter, you would have formulated a model that is airtight or water tight enough for you to actually make progress within your first quarter.

Market Strategies and the likes would have been done to ensure progress and growth. Alas, what happens if that growth doesn’t come through and your strategies are not yielding the required results? Plan B right?

As business executives we always have to know that point where we should take a break, look at the business plans again and revamp it. Yes. I said revamp it. Starting all over my pose very difficult and hard but at the end it would yield better results than the last plan. Look at your business outside of yourself.

Get rid of the emotional attachment and sentimental feelings towards our business. Bring up all the lessons you’ve learnt from the past plan. Look for new trends that now exist and apply them subtly till you get a hang of how it works.

Remember that there is no know it all in life, seek out help from other business owners even if they are not in you line of business, they have definitely gone through difficult moments too. Be open to learning something new. And if you fail again, embrace it and move on. If you took the big leap to start in the first place you can start another, may be not immediately but soon.

Businesses take a lot of time and resilience and we salute You business owner. Even if you are down now, you can grow again. The sun is still up.

So what really works?

Being patient and intentional about learning the lessons even when you fail, helps you learn faster, fail less and fly higher.-Edirin Edewor.

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Sandra Chinedu

Chinedu Sandra is an Entrepreneur within the I.C.T space and loves blogging. She is on the Honour list of GEM, a World Bank Project for start-ups in Africa.

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